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Sunday, September 27, 2020

    School visits by Parents, guardians and well-wishers

    Visitor: The term “visitor” shall be applied to Include any person not legally employed to serve the, Department of Education and/or Stanmore Primary School and any learner, who is not registered at our school.

    • No educator is to receive visitors In the classroom without the approval of the Principal or in his/her absence the next senior member bf the SMT.
    • All visitors must call at the office, sign the visitors’ register, and Indicate, herein,
      • the purpose of the visit,
      • the time of arrival and
      • the time of departure.
    • If the visitor is a parent/guardian, then the name of the learner and his/her grade must be reflected.
    • If the visitor has been requested to come to school to discuss matters pertaining to a learner, then a note from the office outlining the details of the visit must be given to the educator.
      The educator is to file these notes carefully for future reference.

    • Visits by parents/guardians to discuss a learners progress shall be restricted to MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS at 14:00. Grade R educators have their designated days and times.

    • Educators may not be interviewed by insurance agents, commercial travellers or other
      salespersons during school hours
      . Prior arrangements will be made with reputable agents
      to meet with staff after instruction times if the matters are of general concern.

    • In all educator interactions with parents/guardians a very high degree of professionalism must be maintained. There will be no attempt to be too familiar with parents/ guardians as educators will not be in the position to grant favours at a later stage.
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